Friday, December 12, 2014

Staging Your Home During The Holidays

When you're selling your home, first impressions always matter. However, the holidays require special attention when it comes to staging. The more well-staged your home is, the higher the price it will fetch, and the faster it will be off the market.

Simply put, home staging means uncluttering your home, removing certain personal items and enhancing your décor to appeal to buyers. Do not allow the thought of selling your house during the months of winter dampen your holiday moods. With just a little effort, you can create a festive and buyer-friendly environment using the following timeless staging tips:

Use neutral holiday adornments

The key to holiday home staging is to accessorize smartly. If you are used to being overboard with elaborate décor every holiday season, you need to tone it down a little. A recent study has revealed that majority of realtors recommend sellers to use non-religious holiday décor during an open house, to avoid putting off some potential buyers. You can keep your décor festive without going all out, with simple non-religious touches such as an evergreen wreath, a pinecone centerpiece, or a few eye-catching ornaments above your fireplace. All holiday accessories must complement your usual décor.

Get your lighting right

No doubt, outdoor holiday lights are especially beautiful in the winter season, and really add to the appeal of your home, but only if you do them right. So rather than hanging up every string of multi-colored lights in your possession, map out a plan. Only use light colors that will enhance your home’s appearance. You do not have to throw up lights on every corner of your home. You could simply highlight a gorgeously designed roofline or shed light to a beautiful tree in the compound. Warm colors give your house a welcoming feel during the dark nights of December, which is when buyers are more likely to see your home. 

Blaze up your fireplace

During the cold winter holiday, it is essential to keep your home warm day and night. In fact, according to statistics, it’s one of the fast things potential buyers will notice. The trick is to make your home cozy by cranking up the heat by a few degrees, so that when buyers enter, they can immediately feel the warmth after being out in the cold. However, a simple yet alluring way to maintain the warmth is to light your fireplace. The warmer buyers will feel, the longer they will remain in your home admiring its homeliness. 

Entice with winter fragrance and tasty bribery

Most realtors advise home sellers to use winter home fragrances before opening up their homes to potential buyers to make it smell lovely and desirable. You can also get buyers to stick around a lot longer and endear yourself to them by serving delicious snacks and drinks. You can kill two birds with one stone by serving freshly baked cookies with hot chocolate. The aroma from these tasty treats will create a comfortable and homely experience, and help potential buyers picture their future in the house. 

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